Mosquitoes Are On The Move

Mosquitoes are showing up in more places on the planet than previous years have recorded. These disease spreading pests are making an appearance in areas where very few sightings have been noted, which means that with them comes the threat of further disease transmission. Here’s an article with more information.

Infectious Mosquitoes Are Turning Up in New Regions

A mounting number of citations on a popular disease-tracking website suggests that mosquitoes may be moving into new ecological niches with greater frequency.  The website, ProMED mail, has carried out more than a dozen such reports since June, all involving mosquito species known to transmit human diseases.

The U.K has fought hard to keep these pests out of the country with their disease spreading antics, but it looks as though mosquitoes have managed to find their way in.

The United States is constantly at battle with mosquitoes showing up in new areas. Whether we like it or not, we ourselves, as individuals are the only ones who can take action to protect our immediate surroundings by using repellent directly onto the skin, or taking those extra precautionary steps and making a worthwhile investment in mosquito control.

Protecting yourself from mosquitoes

Anywhere that water can collect and the mosquito could lay an egg, that’s the kind of things you want to keep away. Obviously using insect repellent if you’re going to be outside, that’s a big thing. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, are also helpful in preventing mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes may be tiny but they are the biggest killers in the world… FACT! So whatever you can do to keep yourself safe and healthy from them is time and money well spent.


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Individual Action Against Mosquitoes Goes A Long Way!

Teams of health experts in Prince William County, VA have made some recommendations to keep yourself safe from those troublesome, disease spreading mosquitoes. All it takes is a little individual action and you can play a huge part in protecting your family, your pets and even your community from these pests.

Health team gives tips to dodge mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are bothersome in and of themselves, but they can also carry diseases such as the West Nile or Zika viruses. To reduce exposure, the Prince William Health District recommends the following… read more here

Taking action in your own back yard means that mosquitoes have fewer places to breed. Fewer places to procreate, means fewer mosquitoes – simple! You may not think your contribution will have a huge impact on the global scale problem we face against mosquitoes, but believe us when we say… it does!

Investing in mosquito control is of course, highly recommended. However, the addition of certain plants can help keep the bugs at bay.

5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

It just takes a few minutes outdoors, particularly at dusk, to develop a deep-rooted disdain for mosquitos. And as if buzzing incessantly near your ear and feasting on your exposed arms and legs isn’t enough, mosquitoes can transmit a number of infectious diseases, a fact that elevates the insects from a nuisance to an outright health risk.

What could you do today to make your home a safer place from these troublesome bugs? Take action, even the smallest contribution goes a long way.


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There’s Still So Much To Learn About Lyme

While we may know the basics with it comes to Lyme disease, there are lots of new findings that are coming to light even to those who are working closely and researching the tick borne virus. The following article shares a few things reporter David Scales discovered recently…

7 Things I Learned While Reporting On Lyme And Other Tick-Borne Diseases

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent months reporting on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, talking with experts and public health professionals, and listening to more lectures about ticks than anyone who isn’t an entomologist should.

I thought I had learned a lot about Lyme and tick-borne diseases in medical school, but we really only scratched the surface. So here are seven big things I learned while reporting….

If we take a look at number 3,  “Scientists’ biggest hope is that groups of people will come together to get involved and commit to doing something.” tick control there is something we can all be doing and that’s to take responsibility for in our own back yards.

Make your yard as “tick unfriendly” as possible. It’s worth the little time and effort that it requires.

The peril of chronic Lyme disease

Nev Zubcevik is a rare doctor: She runs a clinic that treats late-stage Lyme disease. It has 100 patients waiting to get in and no openings until March of 2018.

“Between yesterday and today,” she told me recently, “I got six texts about children who are in need of immediate attention.”

It seems there is not enough medical support to go around the number of reported cases of Lyme disease. So right now, all we can do, is our very best to make sure we don’t come into contact with ticks!

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Raise Awareness To The Threat We Face Against Mosquitoes

World Mosquito Day took place on 20th August this year, the aim of which to bring awareness to the threat we all face against these nuisance pests. The following article summarizes just a few of the potential dangers us human beings are up against, when we come into contact with mosquitoes.

World Mosquito Day 2017: 6 Most Dangerous Diseases Transmitted By Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are considered as one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet because they tend to spread many deadly diseases. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control report that the insects kill more than one million people in a year just through the transmission of malaria. There are a number of people who fall sick and are killed by other mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever and West Nile virus.

As you can see, there are some nasty diseases, some of which can potentially be life threatening. So if you’re not taking charge of your mosquito control, you might want to think about putting something in place. No matter where in the world you might be, there’s risk so be safe!

Do you know how to prepare yourself for the constant battle against mosquitoes? This article has a few tips and tricks you might find useful.

It’s Mosquito Season. Here’s How to Prepare.

Buzzing mosquitoes, itchy bites, and spray-on repellents are all part of outdoor summer “fun,” and for some of us, they’re unavoidable. If you feel as if you have a huge mosquito target on your back — or arm, or leg — it’s not in your head. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.

World Mosquito Day may have been and gone, but we need to be sharing knowledge each and every day to make sure the word gets around.

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Yard Mosquito Control Potomac Falls VA

5-Star mosquito control review from Tricia M on Yelp:

Read Tricia M.‘s review of Backyard Bug Patrol on Yelp

Contact Backyard Bug Patrol for information about tick & mosquito control services in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

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From Maryland to Manchester, Watch Out For Ticks!

Former England rugby legend Matt Dawson has been publicly sharing his terrifying experience of having to undergo heart surgery after being bitten by a tick.  After 18 months of treatment, the 44 year old retired player is on the road to recovery. You can read more about his ordeal in the following article.

Former England rugby captain Matt Dawson is forced to undergo heart surgery after he is bitten by a TICK

Former England rugby captain Matt Dawson was forced to undergo heart surgery after contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite. The 44-year-old developed feverish symptoms following a visit to a park in London early last year and was later diagnosed with the illness. The bacterial infection, caused by infected ticks, can lead to conditions such as meningitis or heart failure if left untreated and can even prove fatal.

Many people are unaware that Lyme disease is a threat in the United Kingdom and so many other places around the globe. It’s not just the commonly documented areas of our planet that suffer from this tiny beast. Just a stroll in a highly populated London park can put you at risk.

Tick borne diseases are constantly on the rise and it is up to us, individually, to do what we can to protect ourselves, our families and our pets. (Yup! Ticks love them too!)

DC-area tick population booming; how to protect yourself

A thriving tick population means a greater chance for exposure to the insects and the Lyme disease they carry in the D.C. region. A University of Maryland entomologist has tips on how to protect your yard and your family.

Whether you’re in Maryland or Manchester, Madrid or Mexico and pretty much everywhere on this planet that is favorable to a tick habitat, you need to check for these disease spreading pests and keep your tick control up to date, starting with your back yard.

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Ticks Are Here To Stay

Have you ever wondered why ticks spread disease? Have you thought about how many diseases they can spread? Did you know that many people are unaware that ticks are actually a threat to our health? That’s right… there are many out there that carry on their daily lives, blissfully unaware that danger lurks nearby. In the United States alone there are approximately 80 different species of tick, so you need to know what you’re up against when it comes to these disease spreading, microscopic bugs.

Why Do Ticks Spread So Many Diseases?

There’s a long list of diseases that you can get from a tick bite, including some that can actually kill you. In fact, the tiny bloodsucking critters can transmit a wider variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites than any other arthropod, a category that includes not only ticks but also insects such as mosquitoes.

A lot of useful and interesting information in that article. With the closing paragraph being the one to take particular notice of.

Do you know how to remove a tick? Even if we are really careful, there’s still a chance that a tick can find it’s way onto our bodies and feast on our blood, so we need to know how to act and how to act fast. Maybe even outsmart these critters…

Ticks are here to stay. But scientists are finding ways to outsmart them

There may be ways to attack ticks without touching a single molecule of their die-hard little bodies. Ecologists have made progress in tracing what ticks need from the woods and lawns where they lurk. For instance, researchers believe that it was a bumper crop of acorns in 2015 that, through a Rube Goldberg series of consequences, created conditions for a perfect tick storm two years later. Breaking key ecological connections could knock back the tick menace in the future.

Take the time to expand your knowledge when it comes to ticks. These nuisance and harmful bugs are here to stay.


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