Weapons of Mosquito Distruction

Scientists have been working on a a laser that can identify mosquitoes and ‘zap’ them out of existence.  This new invention was created by Nathan Myhrvold, who has been looking at ways of combating the spread of Malaria. Here’s an article with more information on this story.

Where’s Our Laser-Shooting Mosquito Death Machine?

It’s hard to think of an upside to mosquitoes. Malaria is perhaps one of the most deadly diseases in human history. Then there’s yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile, not to mention Zika, a tropical-zone also-ran, until it began to be associated with horrific birth defects. Scientists suspect that, on balance, mosquitoes don’t contribute much of anything to the ecosystem, other than fending off humans from despoiling rain forests. They aren’t even particularly important to the diet of most of the predators that eat them. And so, as we reach new heights of mosquito fear, we’ve devised ever-more-advanced ways to kill them.

It’s a little bit of an intimidating thought, but if it can help to get rid of these disease spreading pests…

Mosquitoes are the biggest killer in the world. They transmit so many diseases that are a threat to those that cannot seek immunization. Too many people are becoming victims to these tiny pests and action needs to be taken. So what can you do, in and around your own home? You can invest in mosquito control and make sure there are no areas that these pests can breed.

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