Protect Your Horse From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may be tiny, but they can sure pack a punch to creatures of a size even bigger than us humans. These disease spreading critters can transmit arboviruses which can cause fatal neurologic diseases in horses. Here’s an article with more information.

Mosquito-Borne Disease: Is Your Horse at Risk?

Horses are not immune to the equine pathogens mosquitoes carry. Unless immunized against specific mosquito-borne viruses, known as arboviruses, a horse is at risk of contracting Eastern, Western, and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis (EEE, WEE, and VEE) viruses and West Nile virus, which can cause fatal neurologic disease.

For those horse owners out there, then we believe most of you will have already thought about the responsibility of making sure your horse is immunized, but just in case… here’s a reminder.

These diseases can have the potential to impact on humans also, which is why not only do you need to protect your horse, but you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes too.

West Nile Virus still a threat to horses

The risk for West Nile virus remains. New data reveals that in 2016, there were 377 equine West Nile virus cases across the United States — an increase of 152 cases from 2015.1 Horses are at the highest risk for contracting West Nile virus during peak mosquito season, which occurs July through October in the United States

The deadliest creature in the world can attack without us even realizing. We have a choice to protect ourselves, but horses don’t, so let’s make sure we make the choice for them and get our four legged friends immunized from the harm that can be inflicted by a single infected mosquito.

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