Camping During Inauguration? Watch out for Ticks

Camping During Inauguration? Watch out for Ticks first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

With the 58th Presidential Inauguration taking place, millions of people are expected to frequent the surrounding areas of Washington D.C. Many will be looking for places to stay, whether it be under the roof of a hotel or the option of a little more of an outdoor adventure. Montgomery County are opening a few of their electric campsites for the occasion.

County Opens Little Bennett Campground and Rockwood Manor for Inauguration

Montgomery Parks is opening 25 electric campsites at Little Bennett Campground, 23705 Frederick Road in Clarksburg, during the off-season to accommodate the millions expected to be coming to the area in January. Little Bennett Campground is approximately 45 minutes away from downtown DC.

It may be a little on the cooler side for camping at this time of year, so in addition to your warmer clothing and comforts you will still need any necessary insect repellents because bugs are still being as opportunistic as ever and will happily turn to you for their daily meal.

With such a big event taking place, it’s important to be aware of any dangers or threats to you health and safety.

9 tips to stay safe in D.C. on Inauguration Day

Hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents will be traveling and standing shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the region on Inauguration Day. Here are some tips from city and federal officials to keep you safe.

Keep on the look out and always be alert. Some dangers may be apparent, but others may be so tiny that you don’t even notice them.



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