Treat Animals to a Tick Free Life

Treat Animals to a Tick Free Life first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

If you like to go horse riding, now is a great time of year to get out on the trail and go explore on horseback. Although there are fewer bugs around to spoil your enjoyment, there are still many tick species that you need to keep a look out for.

The Trail Rider’s Guide to Tick Prevention

Ticks most commonly congregate in underbrush and in areas of overgrowth. Tall grasses and weedy areas dense with vegetation are prime locations for ticks to wait for hosts to brush past. Unfortunately, such places are also common along many horse riding trails and in pastures.

So how do you remove a tick from your trusty steed should you find one? What do you use to prevent ticks latching on? Here’s a video with a natural suggestion.

As responsible animal lovers, it’s important that this check is done not only on a horse, but if you have your own four legged friend living with you in your house. Ticks love dogs too.

Vets urge P.E.I. dog owners to check for ticks

“People tend to forget fall comes and people kind of get lazy with their flea medications and their parasite prevention cause they kind of figure, ‘oh fall’s here everything is slowing down,’ whereas we do see a bigger turnover of ticks and fleas in the fall of the year,” said Priscilla Ellis of the West Prince Veterinary Service.

With fall almost here take care of those animals around you that can’t take care of themselves. Treat them to a tick free life as much as you can.


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