Rihanna Cancels Performance due to Zika

Rihanna Cancels Performance due to Zika first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

Fans of superstar Rihanna will be disappointed to hear that she will not be performing at the famous Lollapalooza festival in Colombia, due to concerns over the Zika virus. Here’s an article with the latest news.

Rihanna Cancels Lollapalooza Colombia Festival Appearance Over Zika Virus Concerns

The show won’t go on. Lollapalooza Colombia has canceled its inaugural festival after Rihanna reportedly pulled out due to concerns over the Zika virus.

It has been reported that the entire festival has now been cancelled as the organizers have been unable to find a replacement. However, the below article indicates that Rihanna was only rumoured to be headlining the South American festival.

Lollapalooza Colombia cancelled after Rihanna pulls out over Zika fears 

Lollapalooza Colombia has been forced to cancel its inaugural music festival, after a key headliner — rumoured to be Rihanna — dropped out unexpectedly.

Of course, there is every right to be concerned when it comes to the Zika virus, especially in areas of South America where the mosquito borne disease is most prevalent.

We need to be aware that this disease is spreading fast, so no matter where you live in the world it’s important to your health to ALWAYS protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Take a positive from this. With stars like Rihanna raising awareness of this virus, it can only be a good thing.


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