Bees and Barrier Sprays

Bees and Barrier Sprays first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

We often get asked the question about the safety of bees when utilizing our barrier sprays. This is an important question and one which we take very seriously and hope to put minds at rest.

The picture you see below is one of a bee enjoying the flora of the Mitchell’s yard. We’ve highlighted this little fella enjoying himself with a circle so that you can spot him.

Bees in Flowers 2

The Mitchell’s have regularly sprayed their home to protect their family and pets from the threat of mosquitoes and ticks. They do so with peace of mind that the Backyard Bug Patrol techs take great care to protect bees and other beneficial insects.

Bees in Flowers

Mosquitoes are a big problem and we need to protect ourselves against the serious diseases that they can spread. At the same time, it’s of great importance to ensure that the crucial pollinators of the world are also protected from elimination.

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