Year-Round Ticks Means Rise In Lyme Disease

Year-Round Ticks Means Rise In Lyme Disease first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

If you come across a bullseye shaped rash on your body and there is a possibility that you may have come into contact with ticks, then get yourself checked out immediately. For those of you that find a visible rash, you are the lucky ones, for others, many have been bitten by a tick with no clear indication that they have been, which can be a serious hazard to health.

Deer ticks pose year-round threat

Ottoline Bushey doesn’t know when she was bitten by the black-legged tick that gave her Lyme disease last July, but she said she’s just relieved it gave her a rash.

It’s no longer the warmer months that these disease spreading arachnids are a threat. Ticks are making themselves extremely comfortable all year round, which means Lyme disease is on the rise.

It can take weeks, months or even years to diagnose Lyme disease. Now more than ever take the time to protect yourself from ticks. Dress appropriately if you are heading to areas that are known for tick habitat and protect your homes with the latest tick control.

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