The Mosquito Fairy Godmother

The Mosquito Fairy Godmother first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

Don’t you just wish that there was a Fairy Godmother that could wave her magic wand and get rid of mosquitoes forever? Okay, maybe just get rid of all of the deadly diseases and the itchy bites, that would be a great start! Prince William County have adopted their own Mosquito Fairy Godmother to help hunt down these critters and put a stop to them, for as long as she can.

Got mosquitoes? Prince William mixes old and new ways to hunt bugs

When Valerie Huelsman scoops up a bit of water and presses her brown eyeglasses on the edge of the dipping cup, she’s looking for tiny swimmers — mosquito pupae and larvae are like her gold.

Protect yourselves by making sure that your mosquito control is up to date. The good news is, that you don’t need a wand for that or your own Fairy Godmother, just call up your local pest control expert and let them work their magic. In fact they are your Mosquito Fairy Godmother/Godfather.

With the discovery of new viruses such as chikungunya, it’s important that you protect yourself NOW!

A few moments of your time taking preventative measures, can save you a lifetime of illness, that no magic spell will be able to undo.


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