Mosquito Attraction Can Be Fatal!

Mosquito Attraction Can Be Fatal! first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

With an ever increasing population of mosquitoes this season we need to get protected. These needle nosed, disease spreading critters have returned with a vengeance. Here’s an article about the problems faced in the Washington D.C area.

Protect yourself — mosquito season returns with vengeance to D.C. area

The mosquitoes are back, and there are more of them than last year. “The season of terror is underway and about to come on full force,” says Mike Raupp, an entomology professor at the University of Maryland.

The warmer temperatures and spring showers created perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes, which are developing more rapidly compared to last year’s much cooler spring.

As the above article mentions, our different body odors tend to be the source of what attracts a mosquito to a tasty bite. It’s also interesting to read up on the genetics study regarding twins and how they are attractive to these virus spreading pests.

For some people, they tend to suffer from mosquito bites more than others, however, it doesn’t mean that those who appear less under attack are safe. We all need to be mindful that we are all a target to the dangers of disease spread by these creatures. Don’t become a mosquito fatal attraction.

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