Protect Your Pets from Pests

Protect Your Pets from Pests first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

As we all know, it’s not only us humans that are at risk of disease from pests like mosquitoes and ticks, our four-legged friends are vulnerable to being bitten and infected by these nuisance critters too.  Here’s some information about how heartworm, a deadly disease transmitted by the nematode parasite known as dirofilaria immitis, can be a threat to our dogs, cats and many other animals.

PETS: What you need to know about heartworm
In companion animals, heartworm is diagnosed mainly in dogs and less frequently in cats and ferrets. However, heartworms also live in other wild animal hosts such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, California gray seals, sea lions, and raccoons. Make no mistake, even though the disease is easily preventable, it is prevalent, and it is a killer.

As the article states, our pets rely on us to take care of them, so as a responsible owner, please do familiarize yourself with the symptoms of this life-threatening disease.

So you can see how your pet can be treated from the video, however, why not take extra precautions and protect your home and your outdoor areas from ticks and mosquitoes with a yard spray program.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to assist in the prevention of spreading diseases, such as Lyme. The following article has some useful information.

How dog owners can prevent Lyme disease
The same ticks that cause Lyme disease in people can also pose a threat to our pets. That is why at this time of year — when we are all spending more time outdoors — dog owners need to be vigilant.

We love our four-legged friends, so let’s protected them from those eight-legged arachnids and six-legged insects.

Image used under creative commons license with thanks to Michael Gil


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