Mosquitoes are Fish Food!

Mosquitoes are Fish Food! first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

Bergen County, New Jersey have been contributing to the reduction of mosquitoes by releasing mosquito-larvae-eating fish into a swamp. Utilizing this method, together with spraying large, areas from the air via helicopter are enabling the County to ensure they are on top of their mosquito control. Here’s an article with the full story.

Bergen County enlists larvae-eating fish in fight against mosquitoes

Bergen County Executive James Tedesco took part in a Mosquito Commission spring ritual Tuesday as he tossed a bucket with about 1,000 mosquito-larvae-eating fish into a swamp just off an athletic complex in Paramus.

With the state-run fishery providing these mosquito munchers at no cost, this is a great example of a community working together.

Using this method as a way to protect residential properties could prove very successful. The residents in the above video are reporting they are seeing drastic improvements and will hopefully remain bite free.

It’s not just Bergen County who are adopting this method. Many other Counties across the U.S have been feeding these miracle fish their favorite menu of mosquito a’la carte.

Orange County will serve warrants, toss fish into your neglected pool to control West Nile virus

Orange County has not shied away from interesting approaches to control the outbreak of West Nile Virus.

In years past, the county’s vector control — the agency responsible for keeping the county safe from infectious mosquitoes — has taken to chucking insect-eating fish into neglected pools that they couldn’t get access to, usually from a neighbor’s backyard.

The above article reminds us just why we should be taking action and making sure that mosquito control is as good as it can be. Mosquitoes spread deadly viruses and we all need to play our part in protecting ourselves and our neigbors.

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