Great Falls Prepares for Mosquito Season

Great Falls Prepares for Mosquito Season first appeared on the Backyard Bug Patrol blog.

So far this year, there has been a significant reduction in rainfall, which means that the favorite place for mosquitoes to hang out, standing water, is in short supply.  This does mean that these disease spreading pests have had a reduction in their breeding grounds, and therefore the mosquito problem has not been as bad as previous years. However, the people of Great Falls are making sure they are prepared for any opportunity, should there be a rise in rainfall.

Spring months bring along the mosquito season
GREAT FALLS – Mosquito season is right around the corner, but due to the lack of significant rain so far this year, standing water has not been a large problem for the Department of Public Works in Cascade County. Standing water is the main contributor to a mosquito increase as this is where they lay their eggs.

Now’s the time, if you notice any standing water around in your yard, to dispose of it and prevent those nasty critters from laying their eggs.

Check all those areas and empty even the smallest amount of standing water, even if it’s in a bottle cap!

Mosquitoes breeding on your ground
Mosquitoes are back and they’re going strong. And get this, they’re breeding in your own yard. You are encouraged to do your part by dumping any and everything that is holding stagnant water like buckets, cans, and things of that nature.

Remember, that this needs to be done on a regular occurrence. Monitor your yard and keep yourself and your family protected from pests.

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