Have a Beautiful Smelling ‘Tick free’ Yard.

Have a Beautiful Smelling ‘Tick free’ Yard. first appeared on backyardbugpatrol.com.

Those horrible disease spreading deer ticks are always a threat hiding in and among our plant life. Not only do they become a danger to us humans, but also to our furry four-legged pet friends. We love our back yards to be full of the ‘green stuff’ because plant life is beautiful, but it does attract its terrors. Here’s an article about some plants that could help act as a natural tick repellent.

Fleas and ticks are problematic organisms, particularly if children or animals are there at your house. Lots of people apply synthetic pesticides as well as tick repellents to obtain rid of these insects. Certain plants can ward off ticks. You could grow such plants in your yard to keep away the bugs in a natural means, which does not affect your pet in any way.

Wouldn’t you have a lovely aroma to your yard with all that Rosemary and Garlic? An added bonus to get your gardening gloves out and put to work.

Another bonus! These plants keep mosquitoes away too.

If you want to keep the bigger pests away, and that includes one of the tick’s most favorable hosts, the deer, then check out this article.

Find the right plant for privacy without attracting deer
The American holly also gets an A rating, meaning deer don’t eat it, and it’s a tree form that grows tall. Just be aware that its naturally wide spacing between branch levels would require a well thought-out “staggered” planting design to be an effective screen.

At this time of year, we need to make sure we are on top of our tick control. So if you’re not the green fingered type, and would prefer to invest in a barrier spray, then right now is the time for action.

Image used under creative commons with thanks to Andy Murray


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