Birds and Lyme Disease

Birds and Lyme Disease first appeared on

Birds are beautiful, it has to be said. They are so graceful in flight and with such a vast amount of colorings can be extremely attractive to the eye. After all, birdwatching is a common passtime for many people, bringing peace and tranquillity, however, could these stunning creatures be the next cause of concern when it comes to Lyme disease?

How Birds Could Make Lyme Disease a National Problem
Lyme disease: it’s a pain for people both figuratively and physically. And for as long as the disease has been around, people have placed the blame squarely on the deer tick. Now new research has revealed that birds, of all things, should also be sharing a great deal of the blame, as they serve as ideal incubators and distributors of the disease.

A very interesting article, and one that we should all take as a reminder to update our tick control.

An informative video of information regarding animal and human health.

Birds will always be beautiful, along with so many of this planets creatures, however, we need to protect ourselves from those that pose a threat to the health and safety of not only us as human beings, but our fur babies too.

Image used under Creative Commons with thanks to Alexander Soil


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