Immunity Is Precious

Immunity Is Precious first appeared on

Our immune system is what keeps us alive. What helps us fight those nasty coughs and colds and what keeps us strong should we unfortunately be infected with a more serious disease or illness.

A recent study has revealed that the irritating and sometimes deadly pest, the mosquito, also has an immune reaction to one of the horrific diseases that itself is the culprit of spreading.

Blood-sucking triggers immune reaction to malaria in mosquitoes
It may seem obvious, but before a mosquito passes along a disease like malaria to a human, it must become infected by a parasite, too. And just like a person, a mosquito has an immune system that works hard to fight off infection so it doesn’t get sick.

Let’s hope that the researcher is right in his optimism that  “gaining a better understanding of the mosquito’s natural immune response to malaria could help in the search for a stop to malaria.” There has been such hope that one day this could be the case. That a cure for malaria is out there.

We mentioned above mosquitoes are  ‘sometimes deadly’. We would like to rephrase that. Mosquitoes ARE deadly! They are the biggest threat to mankind and yet still many of us are not taking the right precautions and preventative measures to protect ourselves. For now let’s give our immune systems a helping hand, by putting ourselves out of risk from contracting these viruses that they have to fight. Immunity is precious. Look after it.

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