Mice and Mosquitoes

Mice and Mosquitoes first appeared on backyardbugpatrol.com.

Mosquitoes are cunning little critters! A study at Penn State University observed how these disease spreading pests can pick up on the scent of mice, already infected by malaria. Here’s an article with some further information:-

Study: Mosquitoes Can Smell Malaria
Malaria infection makes mice smell a bit better to mosquitoes, raising the odds that they’ll be bitten and spread the disease. That’s according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research could point the way to a Breathalyzer-style diagnostic test for malaria infection.

It seems we may be a long way from the ‘breathalyzer’ idea, however, it would be beneficial to be able to identify individuals that have the disease and are unaware they have it. The host- parasite relationship is something, as the article says, is “a bit creepy”.

Here’s an interesting video about the malaria parasite and its life cycle in a human host.

As we all know, mosquitoes are the deadliest creature in the world, yet not everyone seems to be taking seriously the threat that surrounds us. When was the last time you reviewed how effective your mosquito control is? Have you made sure that your family, pets and home are protected? We’re sure you’ve taken precautions to protect your home from rodents, so do the same for these disease spreading, needle nosed bloodsuckers.

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