Fear of Eyes and Insects

Fear of Eyes and Insects first appeared on backyardbugpatrol.com.

If you’re squeamish then we would suggest that you may want to give this article a wide birth! Unless curiosity takes over of course.  For those of you that suffer from Ommetaphobia (the fear of eyes) this could come close to your worst nightmare. Mix that in with fear of insects (Entomophobia), and you’ve got yourself a horror story right here:-

Mosquito bites man, what follows is a medical enigma 
Mosquito bites may be one of the most common bites but have you ever heard of a mosquito transmitting a worm in human host? Strange but true. Meet 82-year-old Sohanlal Agarwal, who recently not only battled this one of the most rare eye conditions but also successfully overcame it.

The octogenarian or even the doctor had not imagined that a mosquito bite would be responsible for a 3- cm-long worm in his eye.

If the threat of the mosquito borne viruses like chikungunya, dengue, or malaria don’t scare you enough to take action and protect yourself, then surely this will send you a shiver?

I’m sure that will have many people stand up and take notice! Protecting yourself from mosquitoes is more important than ever. You, your family and your pets are at risk of being bitten by these, teeny, tiny, disease spreading nasty pests. We will keep this post short and sweet as the content is enough to give anyone the ‘creepy crawlies’.


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