Lyme Disease DOES Exist!

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The number of reported cases of Lyme disease each year in the U.S is quite significant. Around 30,000 people have been diagnosed with this horrible virus and that’s just the cases that we know about! Many people who are infected with the disease are unaware that they have it and therefore experts believe that there may be up to 10 times more cases out there. Here’s an interesting article with further information:-

Experts: Many people unaware of lyme exposure
It’s a condition often called “The Great Imitator”,a complex disease from a small bug that mimics many other illnesses. Thousands of lyme disease cases are reported every year, but some experts say thousands more may have been exposed. The bacteria lurks in the woods throughout the Mid-Atlantic and it’s transmitted from the bite of a deer-tick. Lyme disease has been reported in 49 of the 50 states but it is most prevalent in the NE from Maine to Virginia, and in parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

For those of you that like to read, it may well be worth taking a look at Andrea Ceasar‘s book and hearing it in her words what it’ like to be someone whose life has been affected by Lyme disease.. Here’s an audio interview with the author herself.

“Battling a disease that doesn’t exist” is really what makes the threat of a Deer tick bite so terrifying. In this next video we can listen to some of the experiences these people had and how they finally managed to find out just what was wrong with them.

Educate yourself about Lyme disease, protect your family, pets and your home by investing in quality tick control and make yourself an appointment with your armchair and Andrea’s book. Let’s hope that more people who may be unaware that they have this illness can get a proper diagnoses and treatment through education.

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