Double Bonus: Mosquito Repelling Paint!

Double Bonus: Mosquito Repelling Paint! first appeared on

What a great idea and a great excuse to re-decorate your house. Mosquito repelling paint! Yes, you heard that right, this is a double bonus. Not only do you get to have freshly painted walls, you also protect yourself from  those irritating, disease spreading biting bugs. Here’s an article with more information:-

Kansai launches first mosquito repelling paint
Called the ALES Anti-MosQ, the water-based interior paint uses synthetic pyrethroid insecticides to repel them.Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd marketing manager William Chin said the slow-release insecticide could last for two years.

With the manufacturer already having a good reputation when it comes to decorative, automotive and industrial, protective and marine coatings, this could be something to seriously watch out for.

It seems as though at this present time the paint is only available in Malaysia, however, its growth to other countries could spread quite quickly, considering how effective this product can be.  The only drawback would be for those people who don’t quite like the idea of decorating every two years.

So that’s the inside of your home taken care of, what about the outside? A mosquito spray for your yard is highly recommended to keep these critters at bay. Let your family and pets feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your home is protected both inside and out.

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