What You Give Is What You Get!

What You Give Is What You Get! first appeared on backyardbugpatrol.com.

What if the disease you spread turns out to be the disease that attacks you? A recent discovery has revealed that deer ticks could be very much at risk of this scenario, making them vulnerable to the tick borne illness they transmit – Lyme disease. Here’s an article with further information:-

 Without genes pilfered from bacteria, ticks would drop dead of the Lyme disease they carry
The deer tick is a tiny rascal that’s easily flicked away with a finger. And yet you would be wise to fear it. One bite could infect humans with Lyme disease, a debilitating illness that can lead to everything from headaches to neurological disorders if left untreated. Lyme is often left untreated because its symptoms are similar to the flu at the onset, and is often misdiagnosed by doctors.

A classic example of ‘what you give is what you get’. However, if Lyme disease rose to levels deer ticks can’t tolerate. Does that mean it becomes more troublesome to us humans? This horrible disease can be carried by even the smallest of ticks. Check out the size of these…

You can see how it would be so easy to not even notice that a tick had decided to take a bite. It’s crucial that we make sure our tick control is as up to date as possible, to prevent even the tiniest tick from getting through and quite possibly spreading this horrible disease.

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