Have We Discovered The ‘Achilles Heel’ Of Mosquitoes?

Have We Discovered The ‘Achilles Heel’ Of Mosquitoes? first appeared on backyardbugpatrol.com.

We all know that mosquitoes are tough little critters and cause misery to many, however, did you know that a mosquitoes life cycle is only really a matter of sometimes days or weeks? Female mosquitoes are said to last a little longer and only mate once in their lifetime. The male mosquitoes find their mate within their first few days of life and then that’s pretty much their job done. Here’s a video explaining a little more:-

So why does a female mosquito only mate once? A recent study has revealed how “a steroid hormone called 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E), which is passed to the female mosquito during sex, not only induces her to lay her eggs, but also makes her unreceptive to other males – preventing her from mating again.” The below article gives further insight as to how manipulating this hormone and transmitting it to virgin mosquitoes could prevent them from mating at all.

Tricking mosquitoes into thinking they’ve mated could reduce spread of malaria

Tricking virgin female mosquitoes into thinking they’ve mated could significantly reduce the spread of malaria, according to a new study.

Researchers at Imperial College London, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, and the University of Perugia, Italy, have been investigating Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes, the main transmitters of malaria, and have shed further light on how the male controls the post-mating behavior of the female.

Being able to sterilize mosquitoes for life would reduce the population of these disease spreading bloodsuckers. Using their own hormones against them and implementing a procedure to assist in advanced mosquito control is such a huge scientific development in the prevention of disease transmission.  We’ll keep you updated once we hear further…

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