The Power of the Sun

The Power of the Sun first appeared on

We all know that the sun is immensely powerful,  without it we wouldn’t be able to survive on this planet. Not only does it help us by providing energy to help things grow, it contributes to our health and happiness. Here’s a great article about the benefits of that lovely sunshine:-

Six Important Things the Sun Does for You
The sun is such a constant, reliable sight that few of us rarely acknowledge its existence. Sure, there are the sunbathers that like to bask in the rays, but many go to a tanning booth instead. Actually, the sun is the one of the primary reasons that life exists on earth. It has hidden benefits that prove it is a lot more than a gigantic lamp that lights your daily activities. It is a living, breathing organism.

The health factor is important when it comes to the right exposure to the sun. Here’s an interesting video about how good Vitamin D and the correct exposure can be for your health and well-being

Using sunlight can also contribute to the prevention of mosquitoes. An unusual method of Egyptian mosquito control has been recently reported.

Interest grows in unusual Egyptian method of mosquito control
“The innovative method utilizes the rays of the African sun to contain the disease,” says El-Tayeb. “It’s a natural method that causes no environmental damage.”

With larger scale implementation being considered, could this be the key to reducing the mosquito population? We all need to ensure that we continue to play our part and take care of our own mosquito prevention, however, this could be a fantastic environmental breakthrough in mosquito control.

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