Educate: Tick Borne Diseases

Educate: Tick Borne Diseases first appeared on

The common illness spread by ticks, Lyme Disease is well documented, and the first thing we think about when there is mention of tick borne diseases. We should however, be aware of other hazards to our health when we think of these tiny nuisance pests. Here’s an article detailing a few further illnesses that we should all be aware of:-

Rising tide of ticks – Chico News & Review
Ticks that spread Lyme disease can serve up a cocktail of pathogens with one infectious bite. “They are nature’s dirty needle,” said Kathryn Fishman. She suffered for years from fatigue and mental confusion before blood tests revealed she had Lyme and two other lesser-known pathogens.

With such a variety of symptoms, it’s sensible to become educated on just what to look out for. Ensure your tick control is up to date and that you are protecting your family and your household pets.

A more recently discovered disease Borrelia Miyamotoi , closely related to Lyme Disease is mentioned in the above article, so we thought we would help spread some more awareness by finding out a little more information. Here’s a video:-

With no visible rash, this disease makes it even more difficult to recognize any symptoms. This is one to keep a close eye on, and when we hear of any more details, we’ll be sure to share with our audience.


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