To Deet Or Not To Deet!

To Deet Or Not To Deet! first appeared on

There have been reports once again about bug sprays being harmful to young infants, especially when it comes to protecting ourselves and our young ones against the West Nile Virus. The ingredient known as DEET contained in the spray is the culprit. Here’s an article with some further information.

West Nile Virus: Bug Spray Toxic to Infants
The bug spray ingredient known as DEET is the product most recommended for protection against West Nile virus, and it is toxic to infants. DEET is also harmful to adults if used improperly.

Some very important information contained in that article, which should be highlighted to not only parents but everyone, as this ingredient could cause a problem to many. Here’s a video too, that gives us a further visual insight.

It’s not quite clear just how harmful DEET is. The first article appears to emphasize that it is a big problem, and the above video says it can be, but it’s rare. So what do we do? The answer may well be to avoid spraying a repellent directly onto the skin and instead invest in a barrier spray around your yard. Keeping the pesky bloodsuckers out of your territory and your family protected.  A mosquito yard spray is safe and keeps both the Deet and the bugs off of your kids!

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