The Mosquito in the Amber

The Mosquito in the Amber first appeared on

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park? Not the one with the huge T-Rex chasing everyone after the water in the cup ripples…no something a little closer to home in the bug world.  The one that explained how the creation of the re-birth of dinosaurs was possible. The one featuring our pesky pest, Mr Mosquito.  Here’s the scene to refresh your memory.

Such a great movie, makes you want to go and watch it again doesn’t it?

Recently there has been an incredible fossil find. Dating back to roughly 130 million  years ago, these bloodsuckers have been discovered making them not quite Jurassic Park reality but close enough!

The Oldest Known Bloodsucker
It’s not exactly Jurassic Park’s perfectly preserved mosquito in amber, but it’s still an incredible find. Researcher have uncovered fossils of blood-suckers dating back to an estimated 130 million years ago, making them the oldest fossils of blood-feeding insects ever found.

These pests have been making a nuisance of themselves for some time then? Looks like they are tough little blighters if they can hang around as well preserved as that  for such an unimaginable amount of time.

Tough little blighters can only mean tough action to protect ourselves further from their taste for our blood. Is your mosquito control up to date? Have you invested in a barrier spray to protect your yard?

Could Jurassic Park REALLY happen?


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