Backyard Bug Patrol on T.V.

Backyard Bug Patrol on T.V. first appeared on Backyard Bug Patrol

Backyard Bug Patrol on local TV news

How exciting! Backyard Bug Patrol was recently highlighted on Fox 5 DC WTTG news. Our lyme doctor, Dr. Stewart from Loudoun Holistic Health Partners was featured in a segment about possible sexual transmission of Lyme Disease in people. Check out the video below:

DC News FOX 5 DC WTTGThere’s some controversy within the medical community about whether or not Lyme can be transmitted sexually. I’m in Dr. Stewart’s camp and believe it can… it’s just a matter of time before it will be proved. If you all remember my numerous blog posts, Dr. Stewart healed my family. Can’t say enough good things about him. In the segment you’ll see the camera pan down to one of our brochures and our logo. While only on TV for a second, we are still honored to be featured in this story.

For more information about Dr. Stewart and Loudoun Holistic Health, please visit:


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