What Are Tick Tunnels?

What Are Tick Tunnels? first appeared on Backyard Bug Patrol

Tick Tunnels Header

Did you know that a deer tick the size of the tip of a pen could potentially cause Lyme Disease?

Sure, Backyard Bug Patrol’s barrier sprays effectively kill ticks on contact and provide invisible protection that lasts up to three weeks, but no tick reduction/eradication program is complete without adding TICK TUNNELS. These tubes kill deer ticks!

TICK TUNNELS are recycled, biodegradable cardboard tubes stuffed with cotton balls that have been treated with our tick killing solution.

TICK TUNNELS are designed so that the white footed mouse and other rodents enter the tube and take the cotton balls back to their den. In one of the deer tick’s phases of their life cycle, they live with the white footed mouse and other rodents. The treated cotton balls will kill the deer ticks in the den, but not hurt the mouse or other rodent.

On a regularly scheduled appointment, our tech will strategically place TICK TUNNELS around your yard where mice and other rodents frequent. Someones our techs do such a great job hiding them they are hard to see.

We provide two treatments, one in the spring or summer, and once again in the fall.

Call today with questions or inquiries regarding our TICK TUNNEL specials!


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