What is That Huge Mosquito?!

What is That Huge Mosquito?! first appeared on Backyard Bug Patrol

Are we being invaded this year by huge mutant mosquitos from hell?  Is it a horror movie that’s come to life?  Are these blood suckers coming for their revenge?

We have had a number of customers call to tell us they have monstrous mosquitos in their backyard.  At first we were concerned.  One customer even said her husband was swarmed by these huge mosquitos but was never bitten.  They begged us to come out and take a look, so we sent our licensed tech out to their house to identify this pest.  Was it a mosquito?  What could they possibly be talking about?

Crane flyIt turns out that these bugs are not mosquitos at all. They are giant flies called the crane fly, or sometimes known as the mosquito eater, gallinipper, or gollywhopper.  They are found throughout North America and Europe.  The larval stage lives in the soil and emerges in the spring.  Interestingly though, while called a mosquito eater it doesn’t eat mosquitos at all in its adult state.  The adults don’t actually eat anything! In the larval stage they feed mostly on decomposing organic material and plant roots. They leave your vegetable garden alone and actually help the decomposing process of the local vegetation.

Crane flies are easy to distinguish from mosquitos. They have a tan body, are much larger than a mosquito, are very awkward in the air and easily caught. So if you see one of these large tan things wobbling through the air you have nothing to fear. I promise you that they will not bite.

For our customers, any time you have an unwanted pest in your yard and can’t identify it please feel free to give us a call.  We are happy to do some research and try to identify the culprit. We will then let you know whether or not it’s something to worry about.  Enjoy your yard this summer and don’t worry about freakishly big mosquitos flying in your backyard.


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