Best Mosquito Repellant

Best Mosquito Repellant first appeared on Backyard Bug Patrol

Just like the old sports saying, the best defense is a good offense.  I believe the same is true when it comes to mosquito control.  The best mosquito repellant for your yard is a multi-tiered approach.

The CDC recommends slathering Deet on you and your kids.  While this works as a temporary repellent, what you don’t often hear is that within 24 hours after spraying Deet on yourself, you are peeing Deet.  Personally, I like to keep my pesticide outside of the house and not on me or my kids.  Plus, bug spray is only a temporary solution and does nothing to actually solve the mosquito problem. So, my philosophy is to take the battle for your backyard straight to the mosquitoes themselves.

While you might get some temporary relief from citronella mosquito candles, mosquito coils, or other gimmicks, the best they can provide is just that – temporary relief. Personally, I’d prefer to actually kill the mosquitoes and remove the problem altogether. The best solution to the mosquito problem is barrier spraying your yard. Most barrier sprays are done by licensed technicians using a backpack sprayer.  These backpack sprayers look like leaf blowers and generally spray a pyrethroid or permetherin-based pesticide. This spray not only kills mosquitoes on contact, but it also leaves a protective barrier that in some cases will last up to three weeks.

In addition to barrier spraying your yard for mosquitos, you need to remove any standing water in the area. Standing water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  One female mosquito only needs a soda cap-full of water to lay its eggs. So tip over any pots or buckets and check the gutters and tree knobs for standing water.  You can also talk to your professional tech about a larvicide to help with standing water that won’t dissipate.

Flower pot filled with water

Take action against the pests. Make us of a barrier spray program, and stay vigilant in removing water in and around your yard. You won’t regret it.


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