Nymph Deer Tick Season

Nymph Deer Tick Season first appeared on http://backyardbugpatrol.com.

May is only a couple months away – hooray for nymph deer tick season!  What is nymph deer tick season, you might ask?  It’s when the baby deer ticks come out and play.  Nymph deer ticks are tiny. So tiny they are barely visible, about the size as the tip of a pen. Deer ticks and nymph deer ticks are the ticks that cause Lyme disease, as well as other diseases like Bartonella, Babiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  They are called deer ticks not because they get Lyme disease from deer, but because the deer make good hosts. A single deer can have up to 1000 ticks. And even if you don’t have deer in your area, keep in mind that the ticks can also be found on most animals, including birds and squirrels.

Tick developmentTicks use the blood they ingest from biting you to grow into each of their four stages of development.  It is the nymph stage that is the scariest.  If a nymph tick crawls into your child’s hair how will you ever see it?  If it’s on your child’s arm it looks like a small freckle.  The only way you’ll find it is if it’s moving. While we’ve all seen adult ticks and probably have pulled them off of our kids and pets, it’s the nymph tick that causes up to 90% of the cases of Lyme disease.

Be vigilant this nymph tick season. Check your kids as best as possible, follow our guidelines for taking care of yourself and your yard, and most of all utilize our combination of barrier sprays and tick tunnels. Keep those ticks away.


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