Misinformation Regarding Ticks

Misinformation Regarding Ticks first appeared on http://backyardbugpatrol.com.

This morning on WTOP I heard another story about ticks and Lyme disease. While the story was excellent in the sense that it creates awareness of Lyme disease and tick problems, they did a disservice to their listeners by claiming that we are now entering the “tick season”.  THERE IS NO TICK SEASON.  Ticks are active year round – nymph ticks are the only ticks the hibernate. Thus, we need to be vigilant all year, especially around the metro DC area.

Interestingly, customers from Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington and Alexandria call me to order our tick and mosquito barrier spray programs, but claim that they don’t have ticks since they live in a very urban area.  People, YOU HAVE TICKS.  If you have squirrels, birds or any other animals, you have ticks.  A friend of mine in the area found a tick crawling on his arm in February!

The other problem I have with WTOP’s report is that they recommended Deet as a tick repellant (although my real problem here is with CDC for pushing for the use of Deet). While it is effective and has been in use for a long time, studies have shown that slathering Deet on your kids means that in 24 hours they will be peeing Deet. As I’ve said before in other posts, I do not want Deet on my kids.  I’d rather have the tick and mosquito killing products out in the yard than on anyone’s body.

Deet spray

Remember the one-two punch to knock out the ticks in and around your yard – use the barrier spray treatment and the Tick Tunnels. No more coating yourself in poison.


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