Clogged Gutters and Mosquitos

Clogged Gutters and Mosquitos first appeared on

Got clogged gutters?  Got rain?  Then you’ve got mosquitos.  Nearly any form of standing water leads to mosquitos – one female mosquito needs only an ounce or so of water to her lay her eggs. In one week, those baby mClogged gutterosquitos will be old enough to bite you.  Now, imagine how much stagnant water is sitting in clogged gutters, and how many mosquitos can come from it.

In the past, we’ve had customers ask us back to spray three times in a month, because after a week the mosquitos were back again. It took our experts a few visits to figure out the source: clogged gutters.  Clearing the gutters and respraying the yard one final time solved the problem.

Barrier spraying your yard will kill about 80-90% of the mosquitos. Now suppose you have a particularly bad mosquito problem and your kids can’t play outside without getting swarmed by Asian Tiger mosquitos. You probably have, say, 2000 mosquitos.  If we kill 90% of them, that leaves 200.  If 100 of these are female and lay eggs in your clogged gutters, in about a week you’ll have 8000 mosquitos! That’s called a mosquito bloom – which is why keeping your gutters clear is extremely important.

Please help us help you. Our backpack sprays are proven and absolutely work – but if you have two inches of water sitting in the gutters, barrier spraying is useless. So clean out those gutters and let us rid you of mosquitos!


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