Spraying for Deer?

Spraying for Deer? first appeared on http://backyardbugpatrol.com.

Here in Virginia, deer are everywhere. It’s not uncommon, when glancing out your window, to be treated to a site like this:

Deer in a public setting

Until recently, we never had to thin out the hostas growing in our garden – the deer always did it for us! But despite being such beautiful creatures, deer are more than just a threat to your garden – every deer can be carrying up to 1000 deer ticks.

As you probably know, deer ticks are the ticks that cause Lyme disease. When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease I felt like the herd of deer that ate and slept in our backyard was just taunting me. As cute as they were, they were greatly adding to our tick control problems. We realized that we had to find a way to deer-proof our yard.

We tried a number of commercial products for repelling deer, to limited success. However, today we have almost no deer problems, and I think I know why. Deer dislike strong scents. We began using Backyard Bug Patrol’s Simply Organic barrier spray, which, with rosemary as an active ingredient, gives off a very strong scent. Our yard now smells a lot like bengay, and it seems to have deterred the deer. So our barrier worked for us not only to kill deer ticks, but to repel the creatures who carry them! Who would’ve guessed it?

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get rid of ticks now.


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